Season 16/17 is about to begin!

Our first club league match will soon be upon us (24th September) and for all those who are super keen to those who are still contemplating playing this season, here's what you need to know about playing at Old Free's this year:

How do I register to play this season? 

This year we are trialing a new (and hopefully improved) way of managing team availability, fixture details and player of the match voting. Its called 'TEAMER' and it is a website and also an app that you can download. If you want to play this season with the club just click on this link and join the team!

Do I have to play every game, or can I just play a few games when I'm available?

At Old Free's we believe that enjoying playing hockey and being part of an awesome team of ladies is the most important thing. Of course we like to play good hockey and also like to win, but we understand that everyone has busy lives and many just can't commit to every Saturday. We'd still love to see you down at club and playing when you can/want, so please join the team (link above) and just let us know when you think you might be available to play and we can try and ensure we get you a game.

What are the costs of playing?

We have one of the lowest club fees out of all the hockey clubs in Surrey in London, and we also provide discounts for under 25's and alumni of CLFS. We ask for a yearly membership fee (with early bird discount if paid before 1st October) and then a small match sub for each game. If you think you will only be able to play a few games, or aren't sure yet about your availability, we also allow you to waiver the yearly subs but instead ask for a larger match fee per game. 

Fee's haven't changed since last season - so have a look HERE for full details.

How do I pay? Can I pay in instalments?

There are two ways of paying for your club fees - either via a BACS transfer, or via TEAMER (using a card or paypal account). Paying through TEAMER does have a small card fee, but it does allow you to spread your yearly subs in instalments. Once you have requested to join the team a payment further details will be sent to you.

What about training? Do I need to come to training every week?

Training is being revamped a bit this year and we will be confirming the details next week to you all. It is likely to be a Monday or Tuesday night evening, South London and free to attend for all club members, and a small cost per session for those that aren't. Open to men and women, this means if you don't want to play league hockey at the weekend but do fancy a bit of a hockey related fitness class during the week, our training is for you. And no, you don't need to come training every week, or at all, however, we do play in a competitive league so we would recommend ensuring you maintain a good level of fitness during the season so you can get the most out of the Saturday games.

Do I need to buy lots of expensive new kit?

No. You will need your own hockey stick, navy shorts/skort, astros, shin and mouth guards. We loan out shirts for each game, but you are also able to purchase your own home shirt if you want (we will be taking new orders for these shortly). White socks and our home socks we would also recommend you purchasing and we have a stash of them you can buy direct from the club (they cost £6 a pair, so not much).

How can I find out about socials and other events going on at the clubhouse ?

As this will be our last season in our current clubhouse (it will be no more come summer 17) there are lots of exciting events being planned by the hockey, rugby, cricket and OFA. To keep up-to-date with the latest we'd recommend ensuring you have liked our Facebook page. This is where socials and clubhouse events will be posted up. 

We are also hoping to organise an under 30's vs over 30's game at christmas (the rugby club do this already and it's always one of the highlights of their season). It's more of a social thing than a 'serious' game of hockey. Hopefully with past staff and a big christmas dinner back at the clubhouse. Keep checking Facebook to find out more.